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Nice concept is one of the important factors in running and operating a coffee chain. Nowadays, technology is invading restaurant services through Cloud Kitchen, which then makes a delicious food becoming not enough to attract customers. Customer experience has been changing these day in which space of a coffee store is gradually considered as an essential service for enjoyment. The customers,  spend a big care about concept and come for the nice of a coffee store for their experience, Nice is becoming the unique selling point. Consequently, competition among coffee store brands in the market somehow turns out to be a beauty competition. Unluckily, the more beautiful the coffee store is, the more difficult to franchise.

Until now, Starbucks, Highlands Coffee, The Coffee House, Runam Boutique, all say NO to franchise.  Because they want to keep their uniqueness for their own. Selling her “craft” not her “body”, put the brand out to the franchise market, beauty will no longer be endured, but cracks. 

So, where is the NICE CONCEPT coffee chain in franchise market? The answer is “THERE IS NO FRANCHISE FOR BEAUTIFUL COFFEE STORE”, in the other saying: NICE CONCEPT is not for franchising, these reasons will be discussed in the next video and the reason behind it is:

Being beautiful requires a high amount of investment, unique style, a sense of artistic, to break the limits, the design and to have the same position with Highlands Coffee, Starbucks, The Coffee House. This matter is not only uneasy to accomplish but also easily to get it agitated when franchising.

In addition, developing a new dish might be a big challenge because of complicated process. It even leads to have a headache if Human Resource system and franchise process are not accurate. Affirmatively, legal franchise procedure is not complicated, however, operating franchise procedure with control is extremely complex. Therefore, beautiful store faces with hardship and ignores franchise. 

In reality, most of coffee brands doing franchise is simple, not so attractive and not so unique. An uncontrolled franchising coffee system without sustainable development commitment need time to answer.  Whoever loves nice concept brand, let’s request franchising and will be middle-answers such as “The secret make woman woman”. (Secret – My Tam). 

Franchising nice concept store – race chance comes only to meet Investors when the Brand has not success fundraising.



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