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Building a franchise system in general and building a franchise of F&B system in particular, products management and services quality management (from beverage quality, service quality to restaurant space) are the first factor that determines to the success of the franchise system.

Therefore, the big question for a Brand owner – Franchisor is what do they do to manage the products and services quality of their franchise system.

First, maintain the quality of the products thoroughly and consistently in the entire franchise system by developing and documenting recipes, product processing standards from preparation to completed products, materials preservation, warehouse, and inventory – management,… Build up and document standards of material (by writing, videos)

The second, detail standards, have its own branded identity, register trademark exclusive protection.

The third, document the working process simply and easily to implement, clearly describe the key roles and responsibilities, and employee working assessment. Make convenient conditions in “granting” to the franchisee which enables easy and fast implementation, spend not too much time on testing, training, and re-training. At the same time, the brand owner needs to have training and retraining programs for an employee to support the franchisee in necessary cases.

📌Finally, the brand owner needs to have a dedicated franchise department to help the brand owner supervise the quality, service, and check the execution and compliance of the franchisee.


Above are general summaries that help to make a successful fashion franchise system.

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