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The thousands of sparkling selfie moments at The prime locations such as Dong Khoi Street-Saigon, Ham Ca Map - Hanoi City are attractive enough for investors to prime the pump a brand franchise?

The patrons come and go, - the money goes in and out of the business. The beautiful brands are as many as the leaves in the fall, likewise, the brand persists over the years is as the leaves in the winter. And then there were none, not many branches persist from thousands of foreign brands have entered Vietnam, legally and illegally, even I don’t press any of them less franchising instead of developing brand chains.

What difficulties cause hundreds of brands to flinch? What obstacles cause hundreds of brands to stop playing?. Because the current market has so many brands that including the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, real-fake confusion All of the branches want to develop a franchise system “franchise culture”?

Yes, the problem is the franchise culture. I have upgraded the franchise to the culture - that is not "Vietnamese-indigenous", the culture that needs longevity of capital to accompany Vietnamese people in trying, correcting, and adapting to the market which still has many dark spots to waiting for a bright future.

With our statistics of hundreds of franchise-brand growing and how many percentages of their stores closing and transferring annually, we determine the Vietnamese sub-franchise market is now the living land of affordable brands, very affordable, with a price of a brand/store not exceeding VND 300,000,000. Many brands even sell for VND 0.00 of the initial franchise fee to cross business cooperation into the franchising model.

These international famous brands, with long lines of customers waiting to buy, sustainably invested, hazily inform franchise plans, and replaced by chains development plan even might be under control of investment funds for safety strategy and control system. Is it because they are afraid of losing the reputation they have created for long, or because they are not confident in the mass management skills that adhere to the casual/arbitrary challenge of Vietnamese culture?

It is a hard problem that anyone intending to engage in franchising playing both the role of the franchisee and the franchisor that needs to understand clearly to build and operate a franchise system or shop successfully.

Sharing from Mr. Vo Quoc Hoang - Financial & Legal Expert