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Franchise is not strange to business owners, especially fashion brand owners because of the spread of brands with the lowest cost and lowest risk. However, a fashion franchise needs the certainty and sustainability of golden hands to balance the change of trend day by day.


📌Red Franchise will provide a few following recipes for a successful franchise of fashion system:

1.Ensure the cloths are BEAUTIFUL – UNIQUE – COOL, simple, but hot-trend catching and continuously refreshed; Limit flashy cloths, minimize outdated inventory, have return policy, support investors to sell, boost sale.

2.Assure design, layout are constant, aesthetic and understanding customers' habits; avoid factors which causing customers upset or compare with the other stores within the  franchise system or with other competitive brands.
3. Develop standards, business process documentation, useful inventory processes; have a sales training program, store management training program and support re-training throughout the time of the partnership.

4. Build up a sales team that inspires, knows how to please customers; provide appropriate advice, training investors to how to build their team.

5. Must have an excellent, creative and knowledgeable marketing team to create innovative, effective marketing campaigns and attract customers.

6. Finally, the Brand Owner needs to have a dedicated franchise department to help the Brand Owner supervise the quality, service, and check the execution and compliance of the Investor - the franchisee.


Above are general summaries that help to make a successful fashion franchise system.

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