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1. Marketing & Communication Service

To develop and reach franchisee, franchisors need effective communication and marketing channels to find customers who want to buy a franchise unit. The establishment of the marketing and communications department is optimal, however, it encounters certain difficulties when searching for experienced personnel who can organize, manage the marketing team; and set up orientation, process to achieve franchising targets. Especially "raising troops" for this project costs much for some of the franchise businesses. Red Franchise understands that, so we provide the professional and economical initial communication - marketing service to accompany your business right from the beginning to support You to create effective marketing tools for your franchise business.

2. Software Management System

If Marketing / Communication is the first stepping stone needed to develop a franchise system, in the technology era, franchise management software is the optimal solution to "idle" the franchisor's work right at the start. We are going to provide software to manage the franchise system which is also integrated accounting and legal advice; bringing the management system applying for revenue, product quality, daily operation sectors to small and medium enterprises.

To franchise effectively, you need a suitable franchise management software, which is compatible with franchise rights granted. Investing in the software system in management nowadays is an appropriate investment.

3. Accounting & Auditing Service

4. Legal Service

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