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In Vietnam, franchising is appeared in the mid-1990s opening a new business trend and has many advantages for investors, those are domestic investors and foreign investors invest in the Vietnam market. And the franchise has grown strongly in the late 2000s so that until now, in 2019, thousands of brands appear but hundreds of brands harvest sweet fruits, hundreds of brands have also faded or withdrawn from the market.

The franchise has gradually become familiar with the majority, especially young people in nearly a quarter of the century appeared in Vietnam. However, the franchise still does not seem to have access to a direct and detailed perspective as an investment method - the actual position of the franchise – where its market contains many opportunities and also risks. Perhaps franchise is a lose & win playground but still being strongly embedded the individual influence of investors - as the Vietnamese saying "make a profit by selling your work".

In fact, the success and failure of the brands in the franchise industry throughout the length of its development show that: Franchise is a serene but tough road, not simple for sustainable development when deploying in the long-term, where both franchisors and franchisees are successful. Most of the time, when investing in a franchise with short-term purpose, the winner of this party is another's failure. When the investor is surfing with “top of the cream” of the business. In fact, winning is winning money, but losing is losing its reputation. Since a franchisee truly associates with the franchisor's ecosystem, it is going to create an abundant future.

Therefore, before taking franchise business model investment, your preparedness in terms of knowledge, skills and support tools is extremely necessary. To Red Franchise, where our experts have devoted to franchise activities from the first move of it in the Vietnam market and nearly 20 years of experience in accompanying with many big brands opening the franchising model in the market. Established with the mission of systemizing and detailing knowledge of franchise investment.

Red Franchise is going to convey knowledge and experience of franchise activities including the "hardware" is the legal, financial, operating system to "software" is negotiation and balance technique in a franchise relationship to support our customers bravely engage in a long-term and win-win relationship.

We bring to you services as following:

  1. Consultation on franchising:
  • Building a franchise system in the whole package.
  • Appraising feasibility of franchise project
  • Preparing legal document for a franchise: drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, executing certification, building franchise profile (UFOC)
  • Handling disputes in franchising relationships
  1. Franchise Coaching:
  • Formality and principles of the franchise
  • Legal franchise
  • Intellectual Property assets in franchise
  • Operating, supervising franchise system
  • How to handle disputes in franchising
  1. Researching, Promoting, and Trade representative for franchise brands
  2. Franchise investment Supporting

Vision, Mission, Core Values

Vision: We are bringing lighthouse standing for You to set the right position for the franchise investment towards sustainable development.

Mission: understanding franchise investment activity and convey it to You.

Core values: Patience, Perfection, Cultivation

Guideline: Awake to accompany

Action: Advising and supporting franchise investment

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