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A basic feature of franchise is that the franchisor supports the franchisee on the method and the business model. When the franchisor and the franchisee share the same purpose, the franchisor, by experience and his system, will "consult" and “guiding the direction" to the franchisee to operating. So is it need to have Red Franchise’s consultation?

As You know, franchising is a business, and what the franchisors say is that, with dozens of terms, finally are "sellers", franchisees are always "buyers". In a diversity of franchise market like today, franchising is a pure way of doing business, the seller has the benefit of the seller, and the buyer has the benefit of the buyer, the product needs quality, need to be hot and rare to persuade the buyers and sellers. So is it really fair enough when only seller "advice" to the buyer because the offers offered by the seller are all announcements.

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Red Franchise helps You to filter a possible brand for buyers and reinforce product quality for sellers. If the seller is an appropriate system to franchise, we will detail and detail each aspect with the words, convey the power of the system to spread the brand by franchise model. If the seller has a business system that is not strong enough to franchise, we advise to strengthen its system and prepare the necessary stepping stone to complete. And for buyers, we bring independent advice with experienced experts who have been working in franchising business cónultation for a long time.

Red Franchise provide consulting service as following: 

1. For Franchisor:

  • Consult to build the original franchise system

Services include Consulting on franchise management system, marketing strategy, price strategy, financial control and legal advice (Model contract, trademark protection, contract termination caused by violating, ...)

  • Consult to build a system to receive/sell Master Franchise from abroad

Franchise registration in Vietnam, trademark registration, model contracts establishment and construction, compatibility of franchise systems with Vietnam's law - finance - technology system.

2. For Franchisee

  • Appraising franchise system from domestic or international franchisor

Appraising feasibility of projects and the financial possibility of franchise.

  • Representing to negotiate with franchisors about franchise contract

Consulting franchise contract settlement

In the process of implementing the franchise contract-a “birth certificate” between two parties, the conflict arising between the parties is unavoidable. In terms of products, the franchisor wants to control to protect brand safety, the franchisee wants to change to adapt to specific conditions. In term of franchise fee, the franchisee wants a fixed amount, or even reduce if the business is inefficient, while the franchisor wants to increase or at least remain the same even if the business of franchise unit is ineffective. The dispute, though not wanted, is still very easy to take place, from how to calculate revenue, to how to develop a marketing project ...can be a trigger for emotions that will greet and both sides "beat" each other by a phone call or warning letter, then the dispute is shaped. Red Franchise will provide consulting services and dispute resolution to find the best solution for You.

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Red Franchise Co., - Where there are experts who have been doing special research for franchising since the first days of its appearance and nearly 20 years of experience with many big brands opening franchises in the market. Vietnamese school, established with a mission of system and detailed knowledge of Franchise investment. Red Franchise desires to convey the knowledge and experience of franchising even from the "hardware" of legal, financial, operational systems to "software" as a negotiating and balancing technique in franchising relationship so that the customer courageously embarks on a long-term relationship to develop together.

 Red Franchise is a reputable and prestigious brand in Vietnam. Red Franchise promotes franchise marketing, franchising brand representation, franchise management and building a strategic franchise system development system, with experience combining key areas of expertise. Franchise investment - Franchise legal - Franchise finance - Franchise marketing follows the principle of "Breakthrough - Prestige - Sustainability" and sets out the criteria for approaching the market by understanding the actual Vietnamese market. same international franchise standards.

 Red Franchise deploys market research and marketing implementation services; assess compatibility with the legal - financial system in Vietnam; seek, select and negotiate with buyers; support management and protection of franchise brands in Vietnam and internationally. Thereby, helping businesses maximize profits from the franchise system.

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