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Franchise coaching service for individuals / groups who wish to access franchise activity under the role of a seller - franchisor or a buyer - franchisee. Franchise coaching service provides you with experienced coaches in franchising.

Our Coaching services provide a franchise manual that details the platform of franchising as following:

1. Forms and principles of franchising, franchise trend.

2. What is a "franchiseable (franchisable)" business model?

3. The resources need to be prepared and the time to prepare to build the initial franchise / sub-franchise.

4. As a franchisor or a franchisee - what should You prepare to work with the other party most effectively?

5. Legal, intellectual property protection tools in franchise.

6. Operating, supervising a franchise system, skills to handle disputes through negotiation and legal action when partners violate franchise policy.









In franchising (and other similar forms of franchising) today's competition is extremely fierce. If you do not focus, you will not keep up with the continuous evolution. Therefore, a thorough understanding before "engaging" in franchising will help you reach and increase your franchise success.

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Red Franchise Co., - where there are experts who have been doing special research for franchising since the first days of its appearance and nearly 20 years of experience with many big brands opening franchises in the market. Vietnamese school, established with a mission of system and detailed knowledge of Franchise investment. Red Franchise desires to convey the knowledge and experience of franchising even from the "hardware" of legal, financial, operational systems to "software" as a negotiating and balancing technique in franchising relationship so that the customer courageously embarks on a long-term relationship to develop together.

 Red Franchise is a reputable and prestigious brand in Vietnam. Red Franchise promotes franchise marketing, franchising brand representation, franchise management and building a strategic franchise system development system, with experience combining key areas of expertise. Franchise investment - Franchise legal - Franchise finance - Franchise marketing follows the principle of "Breakthrough - Prestige - Sustainability" and sets out the criteria for approaching the market by understanding the actual Vietnamese market. same international franchise standards.

 Red Franchise deploys market research and marketing implementation services; assess compatibility with the legal - financial system in Vietnam; seek, select and negotiate with buyers; support management and protection of franchise brands in Vietnam and internationally. Thereby, helping businesses maximize profits from the franchise system.

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